Environmental Leadership

Girl Scouts put the “great” in the great outdoors. Today’s teens spend more time inside a mall than outside in nature; we have more prisoners than farmers; our kindergartners can recognize 3,000 corporate logos but cannot name 10 local plants. Girl Scouts re-connects girls with the natural world.  

Fostering a love of the outdoors is one of Girl Scouting’s greatest traditions. Girls care for and respect the earth through our environmental leadership programs, and in a safe, inclusive atmosphere, challenge their mind, body and spirit in various high adventure activities.

Challenge Courses

Challenge Courses are available for girls of all grade levels. Ranging from a Bouldering Wall, where girls are never more than a few feet off the ground, to Low Challenge elements designed to build trust, communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills, to High Challenge elements spanning 55 feet off the ground, each designed to build individual self-esteem and confidence.  

GSHNC-approved facilitators are required for all challenge courses. Age requirements also apply to challenge courses. See the Facilitated Program Reservation Form on the Program Forms page for more information.  

Interest Groups

Older girls and adults who have a specific area of interest can capitalize on that desire by joining an interest group. Currently, four interest groups are available:

Backpacking – for those who love hiking and camping and want something more challenging! Check out their Web site at http://backpackinterestgrou.multiply.com

Canoeing – become proficient in canoeing and kayaking and go on exciting new adventures! Check out their Web site at http://canoeinterestgroup.multiply.com

Day Hiking – experience the joy of hiking right here in our local area! For everyone – no experience necessary. Contact the GSHNC Program Department on how to join.

International Travel – join other Girl Scouts from our council on trips to Mexico and Europe! Contact GSHNC Customer Service on how to join.