Patch Programs and Totable Topics

Patch Programs and Totable Topics are great ways for Girl Scouts to explore new subjects, gain experiences and learn more about the world around them. These program opportunities allow girls to delve into the activities at their own pace, at their own location.

Patch Programs were developed by GSHNC, GSUSA, other Girl Scout councils and other organizations. Some guidelines are able to be downloaded below. For a complete listing and description of all Patch Programs, please refer to pages 39-42 in the FYI.  

Totable Topics tubs and notebooks are available to check out year-round in the GSHNC Resource Center. There are more than 50 Totable Topics, representing subjects in each of our four program focus areas: Environmental Leadership, STEM, Healthy Living and Community Building. From Supermarket Science to Nature Crafts to Ms. Fix It, there’s a topic for every interest. For a complete listing, descriptions, fees and reservation instructions, please refer to pages 39-42 in the FYI.   

Patch Programs available for download: