Adult Learning

Adult Learning

As part of its commitment to adult volunteers, Girl Scouts, Hornets' Nest Council provides extensive adult learning opportunities and resources. In fact, Girl Scouting is the second largest adult training organization after the United States military! The learning and skill building that takes place in all forms of adult learning are investments in the future of Girl Scouting. These opportunities strengthen individual knowledge and ultimately impact the girls' opportunities, which lead to a positive Girl Scout experience.

Training is one of the keys to success for any adult volunteer. Please note that the Girl Scouting 101 and Leader 101 courses are required for appointment to a troop leadership position. There are also a variety of outdoor and other enrichment opportunities to explore.  Our courses are taught by a group of dedicated, hard-working volunteer Adult Learning Facilitators. Our facilitators share their time and talents to make the volunteer experience more enjoyable and valuable for you. They enable us to offer courses at different locations, during the daytime, evening and weekends. It is because of our facilitators that we are able to offer these resources to our adult volunteers.

Required Courses for Troop Leaders

Leadership Step 1 – Girl Scouting 101
A national online orientation introducing all new volunteers to our organization.  Girl Scouting 101 includes information on the history of our movement, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, program resources, cookies and safety tips.  This course is offered online and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  

Leadership Step 2 – Leader 101
Leader 101 is an introduction to the Girl Scout leader’s position and covers organizing and registering a troop, working with parents, troop finances and council policies.  All classes are led by experience Girl Scout volunteers in your community, and pre-registration is required.  In September and October, please register at least 3 days in advance.  To register online, click here, then click Adult Training.  Find the course you wish to attend on the calendar, click on it and sign up by completing all information fields.  Please call 704-731-6610 with any registration questions.  Preview the 2013-2014 Leader 101 schedule to see all your class options!   


Outdoor Education Courses

Outdoor Education Courses may be completed by any adult who plans to be responsible for leading girls in overnight, outdoor and camping activities. Troop leaders and assistants may complete these courses or recruit another adult/parent to become the troop’s Outdoor Certified Adult.

Outdoor Education Level 1 – Be Safe, Be Ready
This is the first step into Girl Scout outdoor education, designed to highlight safety issues and girl planning while the troop overnights at an enclosed facility containing flush toilets, such as a POD, campsite lodge, sponsorship or leader’s home. This course is required before a troop overnight. This course is offered primarily online.  

Outdoor Education Level 2 – Fire Building & Outdoor Cooking
This course is required of an adult before the troop attempts these two skills. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to lead their troop in a campfire and outdoor cooking when the group is staying together at an enclosed facility.  See the FYI for more details and class schedule.  

Outdoor Education Level 3 – Overnight Camp
This course is required of an adult before taking a troop camping where the girls sleep in smaller groups in tents and cabins, and there is tested water and established bathroom facilities.  See the FYI for more details and class schedule.  

Outdoor Education Level 4 – Primitive Camping
This course is designed to prepare an adult to work with a group in a primitive campsite. After taking this course, participants may camp at a primitive campsite without established shelters, bathrooms and / or safe drinking water.  See the FYI for more details and class schedule.  

Outdoor Education Level 5 – Backpacking Preplan & Overnight
Learn to lead a group on an overnight backpacking experience. See the FYI for more details and class schedule.   

Register for Adult Learning Courses Online

Online Registration Instructions:
  • Course Descriptions - Be sure to carefully read the online Course Description (at the top of the online registration page). The description may contain other important information.
  • Addresses - Be sure that you type addresses accurately, and do not type your address for anyone else.
  • Payment info - Mastercard, Visa or Discover charges are accepted for payment (anything else cannot be processed). The charge will be made immediately and refunds will be processed if the course is cancelled.
  • Click Submit with your mouse (tabbing will skip over it) - Once you have finished entering your registration information, use your mouse to click on the Submit button. You will get a message stating that your registration has been confirmed. If you do not get this message, your registration was not processed. Please note that this confirmation message only means that your registration was submitted to our system - NOT that you have been placed in the course. You will receive a separate confirmation regarding your status.
  • Adult Learning Confirmations - Expect to receive a confirmation via e-mail (or phone if you do not have e-mail) approximately one week before the date of the class.
  • Adult Learning Locations - The location is noted in the Course Description. Please read carefully.
  • Adult Learning Registration Questions? - Please contact Angela Johnson at For other adult learning related questions, contact Heidi Stokes at
  • Refund Policy and Training Cancellation - GSHNC reserves the right to cancel or modify a training if insufficient registrations or any extenuating circumstances should occur.  Refunds for courses with fees (Outdoor Education, Canoe, etc.) will be given if:  training does not reach minimum capacity and is cancelled, or if requst for cancellation by a partcipant is received in writing no later than 4 weeks prior to the training.